Routledge Handbooks Online

I’d like to point out a trove of media studies handbooks that lives on the Penn Libraries website. These handbooks are located in an e-resource suite of multi-disciplinary reference titles called  Routledge Handbooks Online. RHO titles in the Communication and 9780203404119Media section include:

The Routledge Companion to Identity and Consumption
The Routledge Companion to Digital Consumption
Routledge Handbook of Sport and New Media
Routledge Handbook of Social and Cultural Theory
Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication
Handbook of Cultural Sociology
Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics
Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies
The Handbook of Comparative Communication Research
Routledge Companion to Media and Gender
Routledge Companion to Media & Gender
Routledge Handbook of Body Studies
Routledge International Handbook of Crime and Gender Studies
The Routledge Companion to Labor and Media
The Routledge Companion to Religion and Popular Culture
The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media
The Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies
The Routledge Companion to the Cultural Industries
The Routledge Companion to Advertising and Promotional Culture
Routledge Handbook of Cosmopolitanism Studies
Handbook of Contemporary European Social Theory
The Routledge Handbook of Emotions and Mass Media
Routledge Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology

Works for other disciplines such as Education, Psychology, Security Studies, Business & Economics, Linguistics, Philosophy, Sociology, Sport & Leisure, and Criminal Justice are also available. Users can search across subject areas, that is, search over 11,000 chapters (from over 320 volumes to date) or focus singularly on a selected volume and search just within that.  All chapters are accompanied by an abstract.