Electronic Surveillance/NSA Resource

New 13_oto Penn Libraries e-resources is the Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden (Electronic Surveillance), a collection of “leaked and declassified records documenting U.S. and allied electronic surveillance policies, relationships, and activities.This archive is part of a suite of resources available from the Digital National Security Archive (also known as the DNSA) which includes many other interesting US and international diplomacy, crises, and human rights collections. While the largest chunk of documents come from the post 9/11 era (761 documents), there are 73 documents from 1958-1976, 95 documents from 1977-2000, and 66 undated documents.

I would like to amend the statement in the finding aid, under Research Value of the Set, to include communication as one of the fields to which these materials could be of great relevance.

  • U.S. electronic surveillance capabilities and activities
  • legal issues concerning electronic surveillance
  • computer network exploitation and cybersecurity
  • intelligence liaison
  • foreign SIGINT Activities
  • U.S. foreign relations
  • security studies
  • international relations
  • U.S. policy making
  • the Ford, George W. Bush, and Obama presidencies
  • communication studies