Thematic Analyses of Intercultural Communication Through Journal Literature

Lily A. Arasaratnam in Journal of International and Intercultural Communication (Volume 8, Issue 4, 2015) reviews the landscape of intercultural communication in the last ten years.untitled

Research in Intercultural Communication: Reviewing the Past Decade
This paper presents a thematic analysis of articles (N = 608) published in three major journals in intercultural communication research, within the timeframe of 2003–2013. The journals included are Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, and International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Eight themes were identified, namely (1) identity, (2) acculturation and global migration, (3) communication dynamics, (4) intercultural competence, (5) theories, models, scales, and frameworks, (6) perception, prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination, (7) cross-cultural differences, and (8) intercultural education, training, and study abroad. Each of these themes is discussed in relation to implications for future research.


In 2013 Arasaratnam employed this same thematic analysis approach on the literature of multiculturalism, honing in on one journal (International Journal of S01471767Intercultural Relations) instead of three, but taking a longer view, three and a half decades rather than one.

A Review of Articles on Multiculturalism in 35 Years of IJIR

This article is a review of literature on multiculturalism in 35 years of publications in IJIR, spanning from the first issue of IJIR in 1977 to the current issue in May 2012. The review includes empirical and theoretical articles alone. Multiculturalism is discussed in light of demographic, policy, and psychological aspects. An inductive thematic analysis revealed four themes, namely, Multicultural Education, Attitudes toward Multiculturalism, Multicultural Interactions, and Multicultural Identity. Each of these themes is discussed, and the implications of the findings are explored. It is noted that policy and practice are yet to be refined to match the ideology of multiculturalism.