DiRT Directory

Don’t let the humanities in digital humanities mislead you. The term applies equally to the social sciences when it comes to digital research tools.  If your research needs have to do with capturing information off the web, cleaning that data, organizing it, contextualizing it….if you need to store data, interpret data, visualize or preserve data, publish or disseminate it, the DiRT Directory is for you.  What is DiRT? It’s a longstanding and well-regarded registry of open access research tools for scholars. 


Overseen by an international steering committee of scholar-volunteers, the Directory is conveniently, and with seeming effortlessness, organized by types of tools and methods.  However, this organization is the result of a complex taxonomy (Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities or TaDiRAH) that was developed by an “iterative process of community feedback” about the research life cycle composed of overarching goals and related methods of achieving those goals.

Some functions on the site work better than others but overall there are more thriving signs on the site than entropic ones.  There is a page devoted to development and recently the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations announced the DiRT Directory has been “adopted as the newest centerNet Initiative.”

If you are so inclined, DiRT Directory encourages contributions from its user community such as adding or reviewing new tools.

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