Deep Back Files for Communication Journals

Penn Libraries has always carried a lot of SAGE e-journal content but sagejust recently our holdings became amazing.  With SAGE Premier/Deep Backfile we now have access to all SAGE e-journals for all available years.  The collection spans 730 titles in sociology, education, business, psychology, computing, political science, and the health sciences. 177 new titles have been added as well as back years of many existing titles.

What does this mean for communication? It means that our e-holdings for Communication Research go back to 1974 instead of stopping in the late 90s, that both the British Journalism Review  and Science Communication goes back to 1989 and 1979 respectively instead of 1999. It means we have Index on Censorship all the way back to 1972 and American Behavioral Scientist back to 1957. Want early issues of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly? No problem, they are just a few clicks away, even that first issue in 1955.  

All SAGE e-journal titles, old and new, should be discoverable through Franklin, FindIt, or the PennText Article Finder

My good colleague Lauris Olson wrote in a little more detail on this subject last month in the Penn Libraries News but I wanted to send out an echo to our camp which this new purchase greatly benefits.   

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