Special Issue on Rhetoric and Gun Violence in R&PA

rap.17.4_front_smRhetoric & Public Affairs (Volume 14, Number 4, Winter 2014) is titled “Special Issue on Civility” but it’s the title from the editors’ Introduction “Weapons and Words: Rhetorical Studies of the Gabrielle Giffords Shootings” that better captures the issue.


Weapons and Words: Rhetorical Studies of the Gabrielle Giffords Shootings /Thomas A. Hollihan, Francesca Marie Smith
“Out of Chaos Breathes Creation”: Human Agency, Mental Illness, and Conservative Arguments Locating Responsibility for the Tucson Massacre / Francesca Marie Smith, Thomas A. Hollihan
“Enduring” Incivility: Sarah Palin and the Tucson Tragedy / Beth L. Boser, Randall A. Lake
Facing Moloch: Barack Obama’s National Eulogies and Gun Violence / David A. Frank
Gabrielle Giffords: A Study in Civil Courage / G. Thomas Goodnight
Civility, Democracy, and National Politics / Mary E. Stuckey, Sean Patrick O’Rourke
Forum: The Second Amendment as Demanding Subject: Figuring the Marginalized Subject in Demands for an Unbridled Second Amendment / Laura J. Collins

For those who want even more on this topic, the previous issue of R&PA (Volume 13, Number 3, Fall 2014) features: Dimensions of Temporality in President Obama’s Tucson Memorial Address / Brian Amsden

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