ASC Library Sports a New Homepage

Check out the Annenberg Library’s new homepage!  You shouldn’t have any trouble finding resources on the page that you are accustomed to accessing but there are a few changes which are hopefully improvements.  Capturelibsmall

Here are some highlights of new features:

  • An option in the top center box (4th tab) for a quick search of Communication Source and the EBSCO MegaFile together
  • More real estate for Canvas on the page—the added links should be helpful, especially for newcomers
  • BrowZine, featured prominently (mid-page, center), the Library’s newest way to stay alert with journal literature
  • The Library blog, CommPilings, located in the same spot on the page but with new “new clothes,” having migrated from Blogger to WordPress
  • Subject Guides—you can now search across Guides by key word (last tab on the top center box); lower down find the returning lineup of key Guides as well as a link to browsing all the Guides (less “obvious” Guides can be very useful!)

The page is more colorful overall and includes a nice picture of our beautiful space overlooking Walnut Street. Many thanks to the Penn Libraries Web Unit, namely Leslie Vallhonrat, Ivan Goldsmith, and Josh Taylor for making the new page happen!

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