A Century of Communication Studies

9780415820363 In 1914, seventeen speech teachers in Chicago founded a professional group called the National Association of Academic Teachers of Public Speaking. That organization, with some name changes along the way, grew into the one we know today, the National Communication Association (NCA), made up of thousands of scholars, teachers, and practitioners of the communication arts and sciences.  A Century of Communication Studies: The Unfinished Conversation commemorates the organization’s 100-year milestone. Published in partnership (Routledge/Taylor and Francis and the NCA), and edited by Pat J. Gehrke and William M. Keith, this volume chronicles the evolution of the field in 13 chapters, and includes some glances into the future as well.


Introduction. A Brief History Discovering Communication: Five Turns toward Discipline and Association Michael Sproule

Paying Lip Service to “Speech” in Disciplinary Naming, 1914-1954 Gerry Philipsen

The Silencing of Speech in the Late 20th Century Joshua Gunn & Frank E.X. Dance

Epistemological Movements in the Field of Communication: An Analysis of Empirical and Rhetorical/Critical Scholarship James A. Anderson & Michael K. Middleton

The Scholarly Communication of Communication Scholars: Centennial Trends in a Surging Conversation Timothy D. Stephen

Sexing Communication: Hearing, Feeling, Remembering Sex/Gender and Sexuality  in NCA Charles E. Morris III & Catherine Helen Palczewski

Liberalism and its Discontents: Black Rhetoric and the Cultural Transformation of Rhetorical Studies in the 20th Century. Reynoldo Anderson, Marnel Niles Goins, & Sheena Howard

Communicative Meeting: From Pangloss to Tenacious Hope Ronald C. Arnett

A Critical History of the “Live” Body in Performance within the National Communication Association Tracy Stephenson Shaffer, John M. Allison Jr., & Ronald J. Pelias

Listening Research in the Communication Discipline David Beard & Graham Bodie

Conceptualizing Meaning in Communication Studies Brian L. Ott & Mary Domenico


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