Journal Feature: Children, Youths and Internet, in COMMUNICATIONS

s16134087kThe latest issue of COMMUNICATIONS: The European Journal of Communication Research (Volume 39, Number 3, 2014) is devoted to children, youth, and the internet from qualitative perspectives.  Furthermore, this theme is focused on problematic issues of children and youth online.  Guest editors for the issue are the authors of the introductory editorial.


Intro Editorial: Contextualizing children’s problematic situations online, Green, Lelia / Smahel, David / Barbovschi, Monica

Classification of online problematic situations in the context of youths’ development, Smahel, David / Wright, Michelle F. / Cernikova, Martina       

Ways to avoid problematic situations and negative experiences: Children’s preventive measures online, Vandoninck, Sofie / d’Haenens, Leen

Developing social media literacy: How children learn to interpret risky opportunities on social network sites, Livingstone, Sonia

Dealing with misuse of personal information online – Coping measures of children in the EU Kids Online III project, Barbovschi, Monica

Meeting online strangers offline: The nature of upsetting experiences of adolescent girls, Dedkova, Lenka / Cerna, Alena / Janasova, Katerina / Daneback, Kristian

“I would never post that”: Children, moral sensitivity and online disclosure, Mostmans, Lien / Bauwens, Joke / Pierson, Jo

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