October CommQuote

This month’s quote comes from Index on Censorship (Volume 43, Number 03; Autumn 2014) which features a special section on the future of journalism.  The lead piece, Back to the Future, by Iona Craig proffers cautionary insight on surveillance technologies and journalistic freedom.

“Governments going after journalists is nothing new. But what is increasingly apparent is that those listening and watching when we work in countries infamous for their consistent stifling of freedom of speech and obstruction of a free press, are often doing so with the infrastructure, equipment or direct support of supposedly ‘liberal’ Western nations…home_cover (2)

Until encrypted mobile phone communication becomes more affordable and commonplace, we may have to go back in time–meeting in person rather than leaving a data trail.”

–Iona Craig, Back to the Future, Index on Censorship, 43:3, pp. 11, 12

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