New E-Resource: A History of Journalism in China

New to Penn Libraries E-Resources is A History of Journalism in China, a 10-volume English language overview on the subject, the first of its kind.

This encyclopedic work from Enrich Publishing spans 200 BC to 1991 covering all aspects of journalism in China’s history– including newspapers, periodicals, news agencies, broadcast television, photography, documentary film, and journals–all against the backdrop of the region’s significant historical events. Not only Mainland China is included in this overview, but Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and the larger Chinese diaspora.

All ten volumes were authored by Fang Hanqi, Professor Emeritus in Journalism, who is considered the “Father of China’s Modern Journalism.”

  Content Highlights (from the Publisher):

    • The Early Newspaper Publishing Activities of Foreigners in China


  • Political Standpoints of the Chinese-Operated Newspapers



  • Journalism in the era of the 1911 Revolution



  • Journalism in the Early Republic Period of China



  • Journalism in the May Fourth Movement



  • The Founding of the Communist Party in China and Journalism during 1924–1927



  • The CPC’s Journalism during the Chinese Civil War



  • Kuomintang Journalism and Private Journalism during the Ten-Year Civil War



  • Journalism in the Kuomintang-Controlled Areas during Anti-Japanese War



  • Anti-Japanese Propaganda in Journalism in Hong Kong and Overseas



  • Journalism in the Liberated Areas during the Second Chinese Civil War



  • Gargantuan Changes of Journalism in China



  • Journalism in the Construction of Socialism (January 1957–May 1966)



  • Journalism in the Rectification Movement and the Anti-Rightist Movement


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