Introducing Sociometrics

Sociometrics, newly added to the Penn Library e-resources, offers access to social-behavioral health science data, including social science health data sets, psychological tests, effective evidence-based prevention and treatment programs and multimedia health education resources.  Modules include:

Children’s Emotional Disorders Effective Treatment Archive

Early Intervention Program Archive to Reduce Developmental Disability

Global HIV Archive

HIV RAP Interactive

HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Archive

Know the Risks: HIV Screening & Education

Know the Risks: Sexual Health Over 50

Program Archive on Sexuality, Health, & Adolescence

PsyTestAR: Psychological Test and Assessment Resource

SAHARA: HIV Prevention for African American Young Women

SiHLE: HIV Prevention for African American Teen Women

WILLOW: Secondary Prevention for African-American Women living with HIV

This resource is bought to us by the Sociometrics Corporation which you may already know from The Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL) that provides a collection of robust data archives with more than 600 premier data sets and over 275,000 variables. You can access this collection at the Sociometrics site in addition to accessing it from the Library webpage by SEEDL.

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