The Latinos and Media Project (LAMP)

The Latinos and Media Project (LAMP) is a web-centered organization seeking to serve as a hub of information and resources pertaining to Latinos and the media in the United States, Latin America, and other parts of the world. The site features a modest database of annotated bibliographies of reports, magazine and academic articles, theses and dissertations, and other items. Under Resources you can find a list of links to other related sites and organizations, also links to other academics working in this area. It’s a nice looking site but it looks like it could use more input, and in fact asks: “bring to our attention materials that could be added, including other web sites that should be linked, to some section of the LAMP web site.”

Another website along these lines to check out is the Center for Spanish Language Media Website at the University of North Texas. It’s actually a little more robust with resources and boasts the Journal of Spanish Language Media (in its third year) and State of Spanish Language Media 2009 Annual Report (a 39-page pdf).

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