TV by the Numbers

Here’s a useful new site for television industry statistics: TV by the Numbers. Goals as stated by the founders are:

  • Provide an online warehouse of useful data about the television industry
  • Provide thoughtful and timely analysis on the data, news, and issues that drive the industry
  • Make the data easier to understand and absorb both through analysis and charting techniques
  • Prognosticate on the future
  • Be a favorite destination of those interested or involved in the data that drives the industry

Their publishing schedule is ambitious. Overnight ratings (of only these major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW) are posted daily; once a week posts include (on specific days I won’t spell out here) top 20 most time-shifted broadcast shows, top 20 most time-shifted cable shows, weekly broadcast network TV ratings, season to date ratings, top 20 broadcast and cable TV ratings, top 20 broadcast shows by age group, top 20 syndicated shows, top 20 most time-shifted syndicated shows, top 20 cable network shows, morning news TV ratings, daytime TV ratings, cable news TV ratings, top 20 sports TV ratings, and top 20 new shows TV ratings.

The site also hosts mini-articles and visitor comments on the horse-race of it all.

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