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Studies in Communication Sciences, the Journal of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research, has a special section of its latest issue (Volume 7, Number 2, 2007) devoted to visual communication research, including a leadoff piece by Marion G. Muller titled: What is Visual Communication? Past and Future of an Emerging Field of Communication Research. In the back of the issue is a small but useful list of visual comm websites. Here’s the list:

Web Directory on Visual Communication Research

Websites in German and English:

Visual communication section of the International Communication

A research initiative on image critique and analysis in the social sciences.
An academic collection of projects, people, and online recorded lectures on the image in the media and in history.
Resources on the role of images in science and society hosted by the Herbert Burda foundation.
Website of the visual communication section of the DGPUK (German Association for media and communication research).

A site containing resources and e-learning modules to increase the active and passive visual literacy for communication, business, and engineering.
A virtual research institute of German-speaking researchers dedicating to exploring image sciences.

An international research network site dedicated to the world language of key visuals or graphic stereotypes that shape public communication globally.

Websites in French:

Le college iconique: 40 rechercheurs francophones se rencontrent mensuellement pour des discussions thematiques.
L’institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) a mis en place un systeme tres performant et unique au monde de consultations d’archives audiovisuelles.
Encore une adress INA, celle des ateliers metholdologiques, une reunion mensuelle oeverte a tous les universitaires

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