Special issues on Citizenship

Two journals, The European Journal of Cultural Studies and Social Semiotics, have recently published special issues on citizenship.

Guest-edited by Joke Hermes and Peter Dahlgren, EJCS (Volume 9, Number 3, August 2006) features the following articles under the rubric Cultural Studies and Citizenship : Doing Citizenship by Peter Dahlgren; The Personal, the Political and the Popular, by Liesbet van Zoonen; News and the Empowerment of Citizens by Justin Lewis ; Culture and Citizenship by Nick Couldry; The Public Sphere on the Beach, by John Hartley and others; Something You Can actually Pick Up, by Karina Hof; and Citizenship and the ‘Other,’ by Nick Stevenson, Nick.

The June 2006 issue of Social Semiotics (Volume 16, No. 2) titled Mediated Citizenship(s) is guest-edited by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen. Papers include: Do Crying Citizens Make Good Citizens?, by Mervi Pantti and Liesbet van Zoonen; Media, Citizenship and Governmentality: Defining ‘The Public’ of Public Service Broadcasting, by David Nolan; Mediating Citizenship through the Lens of Consumerism: Frames in the American Medicare Reform Debates of 2003-2004, by Emily West; Invisible Centers: Boris Johnson, Authenticity, Cultural Citizenship and a Centrifugal Model of Media Power, by Andy Ruddock; Mediated Citizenship and Digital Citizenship: A Rhetoric of Control in a Campaign Blog, by James A. Janack; From Active Audience to Media Citizenship: The Case of Post-Mao China, by Haiqing Yu; Mediating Which Nation? Citizenship and National Identities in the British Press, by Michael Rosie and others; CODEPINK Alert: Mediated Citizenship in the Public Sphere, by Maria Simone; and A cultural approach to the Study of Mediated Citizenship, by Jeffrey P. Jones.

Both issues are available online (go to main Library webpage) or in paper at the ASC Library.

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