About CommPilings

Welcome to CommPilings, the Annenberg Library blog! What can you expect to find here? All kinds of tidbits and links to resources related to Communication, broadly defined. And since Communication is such a fluid discipline I like the name I’ve come up with for this blog. Think of communication studies as an expansive bay stretching as far as the eye can see and imagine these blog postings as pilings here and there sticking up out of the water–alerts, news about resources, articles of interest, you name it.

Some postings/pilings will be more important to you than others. You may find one so key to your interests it’s as if a really neat bird (let’s say a heron) is perched on top of it, marking it just for you.
Maybe that’s the one that will keep you coming back for more and you’ll make it a regular habit to check in. At least that’s how I’m hoping this blog will work. So here goes. I’m going to start posting items of interest in and around (by around I mean the whole world) the ASC Library. Feel free to email me at sblack@asc.upenn.edu with any suggestions or comments.

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